August 13, 2018

Infant Optics Baby Monitor: Sleep well knowing your baby is safe

Infant Optics Baby Monitor 1

The Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens

While I love doing stroller reviews, I’ve recently come across the Infant Optics Baby Monitor and just had to try it and review it for my readers as this is one of the most popular baby safety products trending now, and for good reason! This sharp baby monitor offers mothers more than just some quiet. With this monitor you will be calm amidst doing your chores or other tasks while having a clear view of your baby from the comfort of wherever you and they are.

Babies are an invaluable treasure and deserve to be given attention. With infant optics baby monitor, you can keep an eye on your baby and be assured of his or her peace and safety. Infant Optics Baby Monitor gives you a clear, live video of your baby and their surroundings. You can see your baby’s activities and movements and you can check the position of your baby during sleep. The device also has a room temperature sensor so that you can know that your baby is safe at a glance.

The Infant Optics Baby Monitor is an indispensable item in the house when it comes to monitoring our children. Besides monitoring your baby, Infant Optics Baby Monitor can also be used to monitor a shared bedroom especially when your baby is sharing a room with older siblings. Nothing gives you peace of mind and freedom more than the Infant Optics Baby Monitor.



Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens is a model of infant optics baby monitor designed with the latest technology to provide live video of the baby and the surrounding. It comes with the innovative interchangeable lens to customize the viewing angle of the baby’s surrounding.

DXR-8 infant optics baby monitor comes with a standalone camera that captures the live feed in the room you placed your baby and streams it, real-time, to a 3.5-inch LCD color display monitor.

Here are the specification details of the DXR-8 infant optics baby monitor.

• 3.5 inches color LCD

• Remote tilt, pan, and digital zoom

• Interchangeable optical lens capability

• Sound-activated LED display when the baby cries

• Room temperature sensor

• Talk-back function

• Night vision

My Experience:

The DXR-8 is a fantastic infant optics baby monitor! As a mother of little ones, this Infant Optics Baby Monitor has made monitoring my baby and his older siblings so much easier. Since I purchased DXR-8 baby monitor, I can see my children from wherever I am in the house and know that they are safe.

The DXR-8 infant optics baby monitor offers assurance and peace of mind. I get chores done faster with the infant optics baby monitor close to me. I can see what my older ones are up to and that my baby is safe (and see the cute interactions between the big siblings and baby) while not distracting them at play. The talk back feature is also great at night as the baby can hear his mother’s soothing voice.

When my baby cries, the monitor’s LCD comes up, and I can see what is going on. All in all, it’s definitely a product I would highly recommend!


• Convenient monitoring

• Helps with sleep training babies

• Great for monitoring your toddlers too

• Cheaper than hiring a caregiver

• Improves the safety of babies

• Clear picture and sound


• The monitor interferes with Wi-Fi devices

• Loud beeping sound when the battery is running low

• Runs out of charge faster than normal

• pricey


Best Price at

In Summary:

The DXR-8 infant optics baby monitor is an excellent device to keep track of the baby’s movement and surrounding. The ultimate goal is knowing that your baby is safe, and the Infant Optics Baby Monitor does just that. If you want peace of mind while your baby is in another room, this device is the best product to purchase.



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