April 12, 2018

From Stroller to Car Seat – Is that even possible?

Doona in both positions
Doona in both positions


For the working mom, the shopping mom, the volunteering mom – this innovative carriage that goes from stroller to car seat in seconds is one of the most original innovations on the current baby scene!


The Doona Infant Car Seat Carriage:

Doona™ is the world’s only car seat with integrated wheels that transition in less than five seconds into a handy and stylish stroller. Whether you are running into the supermarket, escaping the rain, or traveling on public transport or through an airport, the Doona embodies all that this generation wants in parent and child safety and mobility.

Doona™ has been designed alongside medical and engineering experts to ensure that the baby’s body is properly aligned and supported in the correct ergonomic position.  The inspiration behind its design is of the position of an infant in its mother’s arms.

Doona™ is the only car seat to have been tested and certified as stroller, infant car seat and infant carrier providing full safety for your child in all circumstances. With its unique 3-layer side impact protection, Anti-Rebound Bar crash technology, superior 5-point safety harness and ergonomic insert for baby, Doona is one of the safest car seats available today.


Doona Models:

Although there is only one Doona model available you can customize your Doona with any of the multiple color options available from formal to fun.


My Experience:

Since I haven’t had any personal experience with the Doona, I have collected the opinion of several friends and colleagues that do own one. Aside from the stroller to car seat ease that Doona was created for, my friends love it for its sturdiness, stylishness and one claims to use it around her house constantly since it is small in size and wheels easily to whichever room she needs to be in at the time.



  • The only car seat with integrated wheels
  • FAA Aircraft Approved for use in air travel
  • Anti-Rebound Crash Technology
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Newborn insert cushion provides a near-flat ergonomic position for baby
  • Tested and certified as an Infant Car Seat, a Stroller and an Infant Carrier
  • 3-layer ‘Side Impact Protection’
  • Keeps your trunk clear of travel system and parts
  • Easy instant fold
  • One touch brake
  • Easy Swivel wheels
  • Additional accessories available in all Doona colors
  • Replacement Parts are available online
  • Machine-washable seat covers
  • Rocking function
  • Includes seat protector and LATCH base
  • Standard 2 year warranty



  • Price
  • Due to its car seat being the stroller seat, baby will quickly outgrow the Doona most probably before they are 18 months old
  • No lie-flat seats – The Doona stays in a car seat position at all times.
  • Not meant as a replacement for a regular stroller so in essence this may be an extra expense



$659.99 for the carriage and LATCH base by Amazon 


In Summary:

This is a carriage that is extremely handy if you are a parent on the go with your own car. It has gained popularity very quickly and is considered a celebrity item. It is extremely useful if you don’t mind the extra expense.


4 thoughts on “From Stroller to Car Seat – Is that even possible?

  1. Great review on the DOONA Infant Car Seat Carraige.
    Now this is an Amazing product! Sturdy and Apparently, it’s very user and transformation friendly too. It’s worth the investment, sharing this with my daughter, she has two small children.

    1. Hi Linda,
      Yes, it is a very versatile product.
      If there is any specific stroller your daughter would like to know about, you can always drop us a line.

      Thank you for stopping by!

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